Pants Perseo ☾ Red Lipstick
Pants Perseo ☾ Red Lipstick
Pants Perseo ☾ Red Lipstick
Pants Perseo ☾ Red Lipstick
Pants Perseo ☾ Red Lipstick


Pants Perseo ☾ Red Lipstick

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Inspired by the color of power, love and passion, Red Lipstick is our new limited collection with new exclusive products. The power is you. For the love you give to yourself. We welcome this amazing and magical color to the club and celebrate our inner strength.

Its 100% silk fabric and 1" elastic waist with a relaxed silhouette, makes these pants perfect for any moment, whether it’s an elegant evening or daytime lounging. The artisan dyeing treatment can create a minimal difference in the final color of the garment, possessing between a 3% and 7% change in tonality.

Feel its softness, lightness and quality on your skin. There is nothing more inviting than wearing silk. Combine your Pant Perseo as you wish, using it whenever and however you want!

 ✂︎ Designed & made in Calfornia  ♻︎ Organic Silk ✔︎ Premium Fabric


Kind on sensitive skin.

Natural properties absorb moisture and transfer it to the skin, which facilitates skin healing. It's also ultra-soft and gentle on all skin types.

Thermal & humidity regulating. 

Natural temperature-regulating properties keep the body cool & fresh during the summer and warm & cozy during the winter (we know, silk is amazing!)


Extremely soft and lightweight, enabling the body to breathe better.

100% organic.

We only use environmentally friendly silks and work exclusively with mills that use non-toxic dies and follow stringent environmental regulations. 

Responsibly sourced.

We know and understand our supply chain, and do our best to ensure our products are kind to both the Earth and the humans that create our products.

How to care

Our silk is 100% washable. Machine wash cold + lay flat to dry. For more information, visit our Care Guide.

Size guide

Doubts about the size? Check our Size Chart

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Pants Perseo ☾ Red Lipstick
Pants Perseo ☾ Red Lipstick
Pants Perseo ☾ Red Lipstick